Dmitri Roudnev's Ballet Method

"No more pain, just gain, and a good mood."

Ballet classes for dancers who want to stay pain free.

Special technique for alleviating ballet related injuries.

Dmitri Roudnev has taken the best concepts of ballet training from his experiences as a student and soloist of the famed Bolshoi Ballet in Russia. His method/approach is unique and ensures accelerated progress.

Dmitri Roudnev has years of experience in helping injured dancers to return back to their dance careers. Many students of ballet or other styles of dance that he taught are now training pain-free. The joy that these dancers experience as the result of no longer having hip pain, back pain, sciatica, or shin splints are Roudnev’s greatest accomplishments.

Roudnev’s Private lessons offer dancers, ( ages 10 thru Adults ) an intense and thorough training accompanied by corrective advice and suggestions that can be applied to one’s own independent training. Students will acquire new tools to supplement their own technique, increase their extension, and improve the overall quality of one’s dance performance. D. Roudnev will help each student to build beautiful Epaulment and improve their upper body posture. He will demonstrate various ways to strengthen low back and abdomen, which in turn will allow students to develop high arabesque, front and side extensions.

Dmitri Roudnev has developed a unique approach based on the authentic form of the Russian Vaganova method. In his years of teaching experience, D. Rudnev’s students have never suffered the injuries many dancers suffer today, such as low back, hip, ankle or foot injury. Many of his students have even enjoyed relief from their prior injuries while training with his method.

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